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Thank you for visiting the Automobilia website.  As the name implies I am offering both Car programs and Motor Racing Art Work.  Having been involved in Motor Racing in one form or another since a boy,  it was very easy for me to ‘back into’ my Automobilia endeavors, now over fifteen years ago.  That and thirty five years in the tour business – you can visit my Vacations website at – has allowed me the envious opportunity to meld business and pleasure together.

I hope that you find the site reasonably easy to negotiate.  Each artist or heading has a brief description that should give you most all of the relevant information so that you can then view the actual art reasonably unencumbered.

Finally, it is important that you are aware that this is not a ‘web site’ that sells art work.  It is an Art Gallery that has a web site.  In other words there is a physical inventory of the pieces that you see offered.  Many of these pieces I was involved with in the publishing, in working with the artist and with the driver signings.  Please feel free to pick up the phone and ask questions.  While the art work is stunningly beautiful , each painting tells a story and I would be more than happy to chat with you about them.  Enjoy the website.


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